Since I started working with the Tarot I always find my year card on January first and currently Strength is facing me as an enlarged print that I have hanging above my computer screen. This way the card reminds me of my inner strength all year round. Let’s have a look at this card and see what the Strength Major Arcana card meaning is because it talks about the situations you find yourself in. Since it is a Major Arcana card you don’t have much influence over it, but it helps to know that the card is active in your life.


Card imagery and symbolism

In the Major Arcana the card Strength shows a lady with a lion. She is dressed in white with flowers around the waist and head. She is in a green landscape with a steep mountain in the back. Over her head you see the infinity sign.  In a gently way she clearly has control over the lion who has his tail between his legs, a sign of submission. The yellow so abundantly available in the sky lets us know that the mental aspect has a major role here. Wisdom helps her make the right choices.

The white dress symbolizes the pure intentions from the woman. She is in touch with nature,  the green landscape, flowers and the lion show that, and she works with passion. Red symbolizes following your passion. The amount of white compared to the red is what tells us that she goes about her passion in a gentle way, but with a never ending inner strength(infinity). The infinity sign over her head also points us towards her wisdom and her connection with the heavenly realm; her contact with all the light-beings that can help her on her path.

In general mountains can mean that things move along slowly, like mountains can take thousands of years to grow. But more often mountains show us how the challenges on our path will be. In this case the mountain is steep but not sharp. So, there is a challenge, but it isn’t one that will hurt you in any way. The color grey lets you know that by looking at it from a neutral perspective will help you see the solution for that particular situation. It my take some work but you can handle it.



When the card is drawn in a reading on a position about healing it points towards an alternative approach and holistic healing methods such as reiki, angelic healing or herbal medicine. Any method that connects to nature or to the higher realms will be beneficial for the querent. The woman has the spiritual connections and wisdom to guide her inner power into a healing force that can work miracles. This is sign that the querent can either heal him/herself or can find someone to help heal him/herself. In some cases, it can also be the indicator that the querent should find a mentor to start learning a healing modality.


Soul path

In a reading where it comes to following your souls path the card connects to archangel Ariel. She is often depicted with a lion. This archangel is seen as the master manifester who helps people on their souls’ path as long as they follow their dreams and work hard to manifest their hearts desires. She will give her support and make sure that all you need is available at the time that you need it and she brings people on your path who can help you.


When the card shows in a career reading it is a good sign. You have the strength and willpower to successfully move forward with your career. The archangel is also active here. In situations where you need to voice your opinions and stand for your beliefs she will help you find the right words. This way you can be assertive in a positive way and this will further your career.


Strength and your chakra system

When it comes to chakras we look at the solar plexus chakra for this card. The third chakra is all about strength and power. When balanced it is all working perfectly well for you, but what if you find yourself in a situation where you feel powerless and don’t know how to move forward. This card then tells you to cleanse and balance your solar plexus chakra to balance the situations in your life.


All together this card has the traditional meaning

  • Inner strength
  • Wisdom
  • Making the right choices
  • Alternative meaning
  • Holistic healing
  • Becoming a holistic healer
  • Solar plexus healing
  • Connection with archangel Ariel
  • Stand up for your beliefs
  • Follow your souls’ path

I am happy that Strength is my year card and seeing it on a daily basis helps remind me that there is so much help I can get from archangel Ariel on my souls’ path and that I have the inner strength, wisdom and stamina to keep going. Challenges on my path this year will be handled by staying neutral and that is something I can do. Personally, you can see me as the queen of swords. I can easily distance myself from emotions and look at situations from a place where I look for options and solutions. The feelings I will deal with later. So, the Strength card and I get along just fine this year. How about you? Can you work with the Strength card easily or will that prove a winding path up the mountain?

So the Major Arcana card Strength gives me determination and courage to go on. It is amazing how the angels find their way in many of the cards of the Tarot. Of course I have made my work of angels for the past 2 decades, so I notice their presence easily when I read the cards.

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The image used comes from: the Radiant Rider-Waite

Illustrations from the Radiant Rider-Waite, art by by Pamela Colman Colman Smith, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902.  ©2015 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

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