Who I am as a Tarot reader

As a Tarot Reader I see myself balancing between counselling and predictive readings. I find predictive a hard word because it would mean that things will happen, no matter what. I do think the cards show where things may lead if a certain path is chosen or continued. I like to help you understand what the situation is all about, look at it from a different perspective and make you think about your life and your choices rather than to tell you what to do. I love giving readings for pragmatic people who find themselves in a situation where choices need to be made, but the options aren’t all that clear. I myself as a reader am a swords person and read well for the mental/air realm. I prefer to read for career and study based questions unless they go against my code of ethics. So, I have preference but that doesn’t mean I decline readings on other topics.

My code of ethics: 

All the Readings I give are completely private and confidential. I will not share them with a third-party.

I aim to empower you during the reading and I will ask questions and expect your involvement in the reading. This way we can get to the core of your situations and find more insights, options and choices for you.

Each card in the Tarot carries symbolism that may look scary but for the cards to be interpreted right, you need to look past the image and see the real message. Each card indicates a day to day situation or a life lesson and has advice in it that will help you to move forward. For instance, the Death card does not mean someone will die, it shows that a transformation from the old to new is in progress. The cards just show all aspects of life.

My readings tend to lean towards a positive outlook on life and looks for advice rather than drama.

As your Tarot Reader, I will offer impartial advice, but I will not interfere with your free will. You are responsible for your choices and actions at all time.

I am honest in what I see and will not give false hopes or empty promises in order to keep you happy. I am your Tarot reader, not your friend, that puts me in this neutral position that I like to keep.

I am compassionate and sensitive to your feelings and will not judge or condemn.

I do not give Readings to persons under the age of 16 without the consent of their Parent or Guardian.

Tarot readings are by appointment. I cannot accommodate clients who call unexpectedly, either in person or over the phone looking for an On-The-Spot Tarot Reading.

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