Do you need answers?

I can provide answers for you with one of my readings. As a reader I am a no-nonsense kind of girl and I like to get straight to the core of your question. This way we find the insights and options that give you a good way to move forward with your life.

How to book a reading?

  • Please select the reading that you feel will help answer your questions.
  • Describe your situation and the questions it raises with you as clearly and detailed as you can (1 situation per reading)
  • I will revise the default spread to fit your needs.
  • Hit the button to send it to me.


Please select one of the spreads to work with. keep in mind that selecting a 3 card spread for a situation will answer only so much. Reading requests will get an answer within 48 hours.


3 Card Insight

You have a question that needs some insights. This will help you along as you go about your life


5 Card Answer

You have a question that needs a decision made and you want to know a bit more before you choose


7 Card decision maker

You find yourself in a situation and things are unclear for you, don’t know what to do


9 Card Lifesaver

You are at a crossroads and the path you choose will have a major effect on your life


What People Are Saying

Hello Annelies!


Wow, your reading has filled me with hope and excitement. I feel like I have an answer, a deep sense of ‘yes, this IS right’. I love how you set up the reading and broke down my one question into three. It made it feel more concise, and true to what I am feeling. I feel like you are very in tune with your intuition and channeling abilities. In the first card/question, the description of a home that is complete, feels so true and accurate.

The way you described that the reversed three of wands, and that textiles is a career path internally felt spot on. If I really think about it, it does feel like just a passion, a way to gain energy. And as for women’s wellness and what you read in the cards… I felt as if I was gripping to each word you typed. The movement of the wands, and that it is a symbol of action.. felt so great. I often pick these cards for myself in tarot, but the way you describe them gives them a whole new perspective.

I am so grateful for the time and energy you put into this reading, it has truly filled me with confidence to pursue this direction. I thank you. And I must say, that this is one the best readings I’ve received! Many blessings to you on your path as an intuitive.

Again, thank you and all the best,

Stephanie Williams

Delivered on: 1 November 2018

My overall experience with Annelies was very positive. She contacted me right after my initial request for clarifications and also to explain her methods and possible outcomes from the reading. The following day she provided me with the complete reading. The reading was very thorough, with a proper explanation of the method, card meaning and interpretation regarding my question. She also provided different angles of interpretation, which was very useful. In general, she managed to offer a reading that was both comprehensive and straightforward regarding my question. At this moment, I am still incorporating the valuable information I was given, but it definitely gave me insight on the situation. I am very thankful for the time, kindness and effort she dedicated to me and I hope to keep in touch to let her know the final outcome of the situation that motivated my request.

Hello Annelies,
I had to sit with this and let it settle. For the most part for me I understand it and where I am in my life. Especially getting more in touch with my spirituality and learning to listen to my intuition and guides. I get this weird feeling in my heart…like it flutters…when I know I am following my gut. Not sure if that is what you meant for a sign. I am becoming more aware of it. I hear some other people talk about their own experience and have always wondered what my sign was. Thank you so much for this. I really do appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I wish you the best of luck with all of this.

thanks very much for my reading. It did give me a lot to think about that I wanted to process and see if any questions did come up for me.
I do have some difficult decisions to make and I think the reading told me what I maybe didn’t want to hear, but needed to hear. Thank you as well for your advice and insights on my situation, it definitely helped and it was what I needed
Kat Ross

Hi Annelies
The reading felt very personal and quite relevant to my life in each aspect. it was very direct and easy to understand and apply to my daily life. I will begin taking the advice of the cards.
Andrea Howard

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