High Priestess

Working with the Tarot Cards can be done in many ways. One of them is visiting the card during a visualization because it gives you a different perspective and can bring unexpected deep insights when experiencing the High Priestess. And it is fun to do, of course. So, here I tell you about my experience with the High Priestess.


Experiencing the High Priestess

During my early Tarot studies, I had a hard time connecting with the High Priestess card. I learned some of the keywords and didn’t get much further when learning about the Tarot. I also started my Wiccan path. After years of studying, I became a High Priestess myself, but I didn’t connect the card to my path at that time. That happened years later for me. One day I read about a technique where you step into the card, look around and visit with the people on the card. I decided to draw a card and try it out. The card I drew was the High Priestess.


Stepping into the card

At first, I wanted to put the card away and draw another one, but then I figured this might get me some more information to work with. So, I sat down and relaxed for a few minutes to get into a meditative state. Then I imagined the white edge of the card as a portal to step into the card itself and see what I could learn from the surroundings and the High Priestess. And this is what I learned from experiencing the High Priestess’s energy. 

Meeting the High Priestess

The first thing I notice is the fluid energy, and it is like stepping into the water. I am walking on a typical floor, but it gives me a flashback to when I walked in a seaquarium in an underwater tunnel. It felt surreal. Looking left and right, I notice I am in a lobby of sorts. The hall is spacious, and apart from some tapestries at the sidewalls, there isn’t much there. In front of me, I find the High Priestess. She is sitting on a block of stone, and slightly behind her are two pillars, one white and one black. Between them, a richly decorated tapestry, and I ask myself if there is a hidden secret behind it.

I feel the energy from the columns, and the black one is magnetic; I feel like It wants me to come closer. It is the feminine energy that clearly emanates from this pillar. Then I feel the power of the white pillar, and it radiates energy and calls to action. It is definitely masculine energy. I wonder how the High Priestess can sit between them so balanced and serene. When looking at her, I notice her gown that has that liquid energy to it as well. The moon sickle in the hem of her dress glows with an otherworldly light. It makes the High Priestess look like a statue almost. Experiencing the High Priestess from this distance is already exceptional; I wonder how it will be up close.


The scroll

The scroll in her hand lies almost unnoticed but has a text that may enrich my knowledge and understanding of life. A square cross glows with soft white light, and I wonder how it feels to wear it. Her headdress reminds me of the moon phases and the Egyptian Goddess Hathor. The tapestry doesn’t entirely cover the background, and I can see the water behind her. I wonder why that is there. Coming closer, I notice she is giving me the once-over.


Taking her place

I walk even closer to pay my respects, but she stands up and walks over to me. In a gentle voice, she tells me that she is happy to see me in her temple. She has been waiting for a while now. Surprised, I tell her I am so glad to be there. She asks me to take my place in her seat. I want to reject, but she reminds me that I am a High Priestess myself, and this is where I belong. Startled, I sit down, and she nods and walks away. Looking down, I see that I am now wearing her dress and holding the scroll. I become aware of the pillars and their energies and notice that push and pull are there as I thought they might be, but at the same time, my body balances them.

The cross is glowing on my chest, and it makes me feel like I want to learn more about the mysteries of life. Looking at the scroll in my hand, I ask myself if the answers are in there, but I feel I should experience the mysteries of life instead of reading about them. Just like I was taught during my Wiccan studies. The moon images make total sense at my feet and on my headdress, now that I wear them. The moon reflects light from the sun and has a magnetic presence itself, just like the pillars left and right of me.



The moon phases in the headdress help me realize that all connect with tides. Ebb and flow, the seasons, and cosmic tides all work together and influence us on an emotional level. They govern our energy levels, which is why on some days I am more energetic than others, which is valid for all living beings. WOW! Just sitting here brings a huge amount of information that I never expected.

The surprise while experiencing the High Priestess

Turning on my seat, I push aside the tapestry and see the entire scene that was unclear at first. I got another surprise. I see a hand holding a sword sticking out of the lake. It reminds me of the Arthurian legend where the lady of the lake catches the sword. The story of King Arthur reminds me of my visits to England and my visit to his castle, Merlyn’s cave, and Glastonbury.

This is where I trained to be a priestess of Avalon for a while, but I left because they were solely focused on the feminine energy and ignored the masculine all together. It showed in all aspects of their work. Lovely rituals and healings and very caring, but at the same time so opposed to the masculine. It was out of balance for me. During my time in Glastonbury and England, I had many flashbacks to earlier lives and remembered many things I wouldn’t have otherwise.


The Tapestry

Then I notice the feel of the tapestry in my hands and look at the decoration. The lush greens and the pomegranates bear symbolism that I remember from my studies, and they are all about abundance and fertility. Being a High Priestess and in this particular seat, I get the meaning; I am in control of the wisdom I hold in my hand, and experiencing the High Priestess’s feminine and masculine energies allows me to help and manifest whatever is needed. I see the potential in all things around me and know that each situation comes with the tides of life and will unfold in divine timing.


Coming back

I get up and walk away from the seat and notice my outfit has changed back to what I was wearing, and I still feel the headdress and cross, however. It is crystal clear to me that this will stay with me for a long time and completely changes how I read the High Priestess card when it comes up in a reading. A warm wave of gratitude for experiencing the High Priestess,  and this whole experience that taught me about her, washes through me.

Stepping out of the card, I took a few moments to reflect on what I learned from experiencing the High Priestess.  First, never discard a card just because you don’t feel like that is the one to work with, and secondly, it gave me more confidence in myself and my manifestation power. Personally, I think experiencing the High Priestess was the best way to learn more about this card.

Draw a card and visit too, let me know what you found and experienced.

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