Back in 2000 I was anything but spiritual. Working for a software company my mind was working with bits and bytes. Life was simple back then. Go to work and come back home. Doing the regular mundane stuff and enjoy life in general. Over time my work got stressful and I started looking for stress relief, which I found in meditation and so my journey began from Tarot zero to Tarot Hero. I spent 30-60 minutes a day meditating to get rid of stress. After weeks I started to get into the zone when sitting down.

Then one day while meditating I met Archangel Michael who asked me to start my spiritual path. So, that resulted in me starting my search for spiritual growth.

The first things that came on my path were the Angels, Wicca, Reiki, and Tarot. After a few years, I moved on from the corporate world to open a holistic center in 2002. This is where I teach people how to work with angels, how to heal, and how to read the cards. I also give a lot of healings and readings myself. It has been a great time and I have done a lot in the area of Angel work I have books, CDs, and oracle cards published and I write a column for a Dutch national magazine.

Tarot is my passion

Now it is time for me to focus more on the Tarot and this is why I am starting this blog. I want to write about what the Tarot is, give readings, and teach others how to read the Tarot themselves. Throughout the years I have followed many Tarot workshops and read many Tarot books. And my journey has been the same as most of us with the Tarot. You try at first and discover that there is a lot to learn and even get discouraged for a while. Picking it up again and get into the learning.

What keeps me interested is that I keep finding ways to connect with the cards. Finding new techniques and insights. A couple of years back I really wanted to start teaching the Tarot. Mainly because the workshops I saw here almost all just work with root learning and it just doesn’t work well. So, I sat down and created a system that actually has people knowing the essence of the cards and reading for each other within 2 days. It has been one of the more gratifying things I have done in years.

My Tarot journey will continue for years to come, I am sure of that. How about you? Where are you on your journey with the Tarot? Do you get frustrated a lot? Or are you insecure about reading? Let me know 🙂

Certified Tarot Reader

As a culmination of my Tarot journey since 2000 I decided to invest in a certification with an outstanding reputation and became a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader. It took 7 months all together and many hours spend learning and doing, but it was just what I felt was needed to round it all up for me.

This doesn’t mean my Tarot learning journey is over. I will always be learning more about the Tarot and discover more ways to integrate the Tarot in my daily life and work. Tarot can be seen as a friend for life.

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