Tarot has been an ever growing art since it came to us in Europe. The past decades a lot of it has been the same. There has been an explosion of decks to choose from, which is lovely, but there wasn’t much new in the way we work with the Tarot.

This has changed now that Marcus Katz has created Arkartia. A complete new immersive way to work and learn the Tarot. Arkartia is the Tarot world that you can travel through as a Wayfarer. Luckily I was around when the first efforts were made and funding was necessary. So I became a founding member because I belief that change is necessary for all of us to grow as a group and personally. In Arkartia you can have a unique one-year experience in Tarot and Self-Discovery

In Arkartia we are

As a founding member I was happy to bring a gated spread – into this new Tarot world -to meet your spiritual team that you can work with throughout your travels in Arkartia. This spread is is a one week experience and has tested very well with some of the other founders. I can’t say much more without giving away the wonderful experience of being in Arkartia. I am sure that you the wayfarer in this magical Tarot Realm will find lots of insights and adventures. For me it has been a fantastic time exploring all the wonderful teachings and techniques. Who know, maybe one day I will get a message from you after you have done the Stargazer gated spread and met your spiritual team.

The gates to the world of Arkartia will open only 4 times a year, during the solstices and the equinoxes. Today is one of those days. Come and join us in Arkartia, to learn and grow.

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